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On the right bank of the wide estuary of the Tagus river, Lisbon is the capital of Portugal, planted on enchanting hills, with a unique geographical situation, to which it owes its destination of cosmopolitan city.

This very populated city located in Sintra and situated about 12 kms from Lisbon, was at the beginning of the 18th century the idyllic country scenery, where the farm and the royal Family Hunting Pavilion were situated, which the Infante d. Pedro, son of King John V, had transformed into the Summer Palace. 

Beautiful village at the foot of the Sierra of Sintra, its unique characteristics made UNESCO classify it as world heritage, and to create a specific category for the purpose: “Cultural Landscape”-which in this way considers both the natural wealth and the heritage built in the village and in the Sierra. 

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Inhabited from distant times by the Phoenicians and by the Romans, who settled on the south Bank of the River Sado (in Tróia-in front of the current city) and called the settlement of Cetóbriga which later came to be derived to Setúbal.

This Marian pilgrimage center evokes the apparitions of Our Lady to the three Shepherds Lucia, Francisco and Jacinta, which occurred in 1917 and were recognized in 1930. This was a rural property called Cova da Will and belonged to the parents of Lucia, who donated it to the sanctuary. This is where the first apparition occurred.

Crowned by its imposing cathedral, Évora is based on a soft hill on the vast horizon over the Alentejo and guards its historic centre, surrounded by a vast waist of walls, a valuable cultural heritage that UNESCO has classified as the Heritage of Humanity. 

Capital and gateway to the northern region, Porto is an ancient city that named Portugal and a wine known in the four corners of the world: The Port Wine. With a magnificent  position near the Foz do Douro and an architectural set of exceptional value, the historic center of Porto is the Heritage of Humanity since 1996.

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